"If you’re going to get a colonic in the City you have to go to Jill Wais. She knows the body like no one else does, and she is amazingly intuitive. She makes the experience very pleasant and very effective. I’ve had colonics all over the world and Jill is by far the best!" — Ellen Q​

" I would highly recommend seeing Jill for a colonic to optimize the health of the digestive system. Jill is professional, believes 100% in what she does, and makes the process comfortable, safe and relaxing. I have found that nothing can relieve my candida symptoms quicker than colonics. Most of the work happens at home, but one simply can’t eliminate toxins and excess waste like a colonic can, which is especially important for those who have candida. After a colonic I feel less bloated, less constipated, lighter and I usually have some weight loss." — Melissa M

Before I started seeing Jill, I was prettymuch bloated all the time and  I thought I would always be that way, but I decided to make an appointment for a colonic and see if it would help. After one awful experience somewhere else, I made an appointment with Jill, and she made me completely comfortable. She is not only friendly, warm, and inviting, she explains everything beforehand and during the colonic.  You can tell that she genuinely loves what she is doing and wants to help all of her clients. During my sessions, she also spoke to me about my eating habits and opened my eyes to some reasons why they might cause me to feel bloated. She inspired me to experiment with different  foods that might help me feel better. I really can’t say enough about how Jill has helped change my life and how much I look forward to each of my sessions with her!
— Allie S

I had suffered chronic constipation for many years. I tried all the over-thecounter and doctor-prescribed medications but nothing worked. In desperation, I decided to try colon therapy. From the first moment I met Jill, her professional and empathic approach made me feel at ease. In a very short time I’m feeling better than I have in years with no pressure and bloated feeling. Jill is a true professional who cares passionately about her work and helping people. She has helped me change my life and she can do the same for you. — Martin L.