Why colonics?


What are the specific benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

• relief from constipation • removal of pathogenic bacteria • reduced putrefaction • supportive of efforts to lose weight • often relieves allergies by supporting the immune system • improved sinus drainage • loosens mucous from lungs • headaches caused by toxicity are relieved

​​What are the effects of a sluggish colon?

​ When the colon is sluggish, the body is unable to get rid of waste efficiently. As a result, additional toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream, placing greater demand on the immune system. This condition can lead to, or exacerbate the following symptoms: 

      ​• backache • bad breath • black circles around the eyes • bloating • candida • chronic headaches

      • chronic sinusitis • coating on the tongue • depression • fatigue • gas • hair loss • leaky gut • low thyroid activity

      • nausea • poor posture • tension • acne and other skin conditions • chronic disease

What to Expect

Before we begin treatment, I will conduct a thorough review of the prospective client’s health history, typically reported to me on a form filled out prior to meeting face-to-face. Together we will determine whether colon hydrotherapy is suitable. Once that’s established, I will carefully outline what benefits the client can reasonably expect. We’ll set up a schedule of sessions and go over what will happen during the sessions. After each session, we’ll have a chance to review how it went. During that time I can answer any questions that might have come up. I’ll also conduct nutritional counseling and body ecology coaching, as needed.